Meet with Ako or Anne Marie JFM’s top Hair System Technicians

We invite you to come in for a consultation and personalised session with Ako or Anne Marie.
We will have a chat with you to find out exactly what your needs and wants are. Then we will set to work designing and creating your unique, one of a kind hair replacement system. 
For your hair replacement system to be absolutely amazing, high end, natural looking and undetectable, it requires expertise and time. The time and attention to your particular needs will be discussed during your consultation to ensure your hair replacement system is perfect for you. We will create a solution which is as individual and unique as you so that your system becomes a part of you.  Don’t accept less than the best!

What makes JFM different?

1. Our hair replacement systems are individual and natural looking because the hair in them is real human hair. Using only real human hair means your new hair will act like normal hair and will not look fake.
2. All our systems are crafted using 100% Human Hair ethically sourced. We know that there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’.  Each one of us is unique with our own hair type and differing head shapes and contours.
3. We aim to give you the look you want and fit properly.
4. Our hair replacement system is as individual as you are we take the necessary time to custom design and create it so it will look the best. We never rush this process.
5. All of our systems are High End hair systems custom made specifically for you so it can never fit anyone else.
6. Either Ako or Anne Marie will personally meet with you to give you the time, complete attention and expertise to create your unique hair system which will suit you perfectly.
7. You will never have to worry about the wind blowing anymore because your system is fitted securely in place and looks natural, as if your hair is growing directly from your scalp.
8. JFM is designed Just for Men!  Our VIP room is completely private, modern and comfortable with FREE Wi-Fi so you can relax as you get your individually tailored treatment. Suffering from hair loss is devastating so take action now; we will be there every step of the way!

Options for Clients

JFM One Step Programme

  • This is a one-step complete hair replacement system, which is designed during your Custom Design Session and once fitted the look is complete.
  • Maintenance will be required to keep the look fresh and the client’s scalp healthy.

JFM Stages Programme

  • This programme is designed to replace your hair the way you lost it, stage by stage. We will discuss your options during your consultation.

Our Process

Consultation and Design Session

  • You will meet with Ako or Anne Marie for your Consultation where we will discuss your requirements discuss and agrees the best options and techniques for your needs. We will then set to work designing the hair replacement system specifically to meet your requirements. A general recommendation is that you should have two hair replacement systems if possible! Each customised piece is €950

Fitting, Cut-in & Styling 

  • This involves fitting and integrating the two hair systems with your existing hair, creating an undetectable finish.

Maintenance / Refusions

For hygiene reasons, it is advisable to return at least monthly for a Refusion.

This involves:

  1. Removal of hair system.
  2. Scalp cleanse and exfoliation.
  3. Your own hair cut.
  4. Your hair system (no2) has been shampooed and conditioned prior to your visit.
  5. Your hair system (no2) has been colour refreshed and is ready to go.
  6. All tapes and bonds required.
  7. Re-attachment of hair system (no2).
  8. Styling / blow-dry etc.

Two week Refusion / Maintenance charge from €60

Three to Four week Refusion / Maintenance charge from €80

Refusions done at Five weeks or more can require additional time and work so an extra charge may apply.

Colour on System – €20 / €30

Cut ins and Fittings

Cut-in – from €100

Cut-in and fitting charge – from €150

JFM Hair Replacement System

How much does it cost?

At JFM we believe in offering this life changing procedure at a fair and affordable price. It’s difficult to give prices without meeting you. All our hair replacement systems are custom made to your shape, size, hair colouring, hair type etc. and prices depend on these specifications and your personal preferences.
We always recommend coming in to meet with our expert to ask questions, get information, see examples of our systems and get an exact price.
Our prices are very reasonable though starting from only €950 for a unique individually designed and tailored system

Why do you recommend two hair systems?

Two systems can be alternated between visits.  This method also allows for one system to be prepared prior to the appointment. Having two systems extends the life span of each one.
Also you should always have a second hair system (as a backup should anything happen to one of your hair systems).

Can I achieve a natural look?

Hair replacement systems, when done well, can be so natural that even your own hair stylist or barber will not know that you’ve had it done.

A JFM system replicates the way your hair used to grow. JFM personally designs your hair system. You can have any hairstyle you wish, made with the best quality human hair available, replicating your hair colour, texture, density and direction of growth.

How long does it take?

A “Custom Design Session” takes about 1 hour.  A Custom Fitting takes about 2 – 3 hours.

How long will my hair replacement system last?

This depends on a lot of factors and discussed at the consultation, such as how long the systems are designed to last, your lifestyle and how well you care for your hair system and the maintenance program chosen. It also depends on if they are maintained correctly, not neglected or abused, and if minor adjustments and repairs are done as needed for the duration of their lifetimes.

Most of our clients prefer to purchase a new system every 6-8 months as image is very important and they want to look their best. Hair is a natural fibre and like all natural fibres, it can start to look tired and in need of refreshing / replacing after 6 months continuous wear. A system can be designed to last one year plus too. Longevity will be discussed and agreed upon during your Consultation

How much is the fitting charge? For piece supplied from another source. No guarantee can be offered for pieces from an unknown source

Fitting charge 110

Is there much maintenance involved?

JFM offers a complete and comprehensive professional back up hair care service for every one of our valued customers.

When you come back to have your growing haircut, we will do a refusion.
This includes: Removal of the hair system, scalp cleansing and exfoliation, the hair system is cleansed, shampooed, conditioned, colour refreshed, refitted and styled.

The cost for this is from € 80 for monthly refusions, and from €60 for 2 week refusions.

How long after my Custom Design Session will I receive my hair system?

Usually it takes approximately 12 weeks depending on the type of order placed. When it comes to your hair there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. Each one is unique reflecting hair type, differing head shapes and contours.

Buying something online or from a catalogue is unlikely to give you the look you want and it may not even fit properly.

Are there special products you can recommend?

JFM offers a range of hair products formulated and created for all hair types and hair systems.

The range includes: shampoos, conditioners, styling products and maintenance sprays, etc.

Who do you provide your hair replacement services to?

We provide our hair replacement services to men. Our discreet VIP room ensure that your privacy is always our priority.

  • Consultation is FREE – Just contact us to arrange a time
  • One hair system is €950
  • Minimum two hair systems is needed per year to ensure natural results and for optimum hygiene
  • Refusion and Maintenance Service; €60 within 2 weeks of last refusion
  • Refusion and Maintenance Service; €85 after 4 weeks of last refusion

Hair System Refusion & Maintenance

The service at takes place at our salon where your stylist will clean and refuse your hair system, as well as tidy up your hair cut. We recommend having a hair system refusion every 3 to 4 weeks to keep your scalp and the hair system in good condition.

If you are confident refusing your hair system, you will need to purchase some hair system glue, adhesive tapes and some other hair system care products. The use of liquid bond or adhesive tape is a personal preference.

A 24 hour patch test is necessary before your fitting. It is worth trying both the bond and tapes to see which suits your needs best. The bond can hold for up to 6 weeks depending on your lifestyle.

Once refused properly, you will be able to sleep, swim, exercise with your hair system intact. Some clients choose to do their own maintenance but for clients who require our expert refusion service, we are happy to help. Just contact us to book an appointment.

Full refusion includes: removal of hair piece, hair piece cleaned and washed, shampooed, conditioned, scalp cleaning, scalp exfoliate, client own hair washed, hair cut on clients own hair, new tape and bonds applied to new/existing hair unit, hair unit refused and hair styled. This process usually takes 1.5 hours.